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    Multi-Physics for IronCAD - Multiphysics for IronCAD is a seamlessly integrated multiphysics simulation tool that works directly in the IRONCAD interface. Simply add material, forces, and constraints to an IRONCAD model and hit the “Auto Solve” button to generate analysis results.

    Engineered for everyone from beginners to advanced users, Multiphysics for IronCAD provides fully coupled multiphysics for stress, thermal, and electrostatic analysis. Included in the integrated multiphysics simulation software are the following analysis types: static/steady state; dynamic/transient response; modal/vibration modes; instability buckling; and frequency domain.

    For specialized users, Multiphysics for IronCAD can be augmented with add-on functionality. The Advance package includes large deformation and large rotation features and can be used to model nonlinear elastic, plastic, and foam materials. The Advanced Dynamic add-on includes stress stiffened modal and arc-length nonlinear buckling analysis, and the Fluid package covers flow physics impact.

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